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Product Overview

Our mask was created with the purpose of adding a strong layer of protection to your daily life without compromising comfort, usability, and the environment. Due to the changing climate self-protection is more important than ever whilst training and performing day-to-day activities.

Water Repellent Protection: Helps with repelling water droplets which can contain viruses and bacteria, minimising and reducing the risk of infection.

Breathability and Ventilation: A combination of multiple filters with advanced moisture control technology helps maximise safety and breathing comfort.

Antimicrobial protection: A non-toxic active ingredient creates a protective layer that eliminates microbial activity.

Please note: this mask is not intended to replace a medical grade mask nor any Personal Protective Equipment, but it can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission.

Key Features

  • Shield from cross contamination of the virus

  • High grade water-repellent protection

  • Moisture management and non-stop antimicrobial protection

  • One size fits all 

  • Nontoxic and skin safe

  • Adjustable toggle for tight fit and maximum coverage

  • Printed logo 

Fabric Composition 

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