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We’re here to help you liven up your diet and take flavour to the next level — our range of flavourings and sweeteners are there to boost the taste, and cut the sugar.

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What can I use Flavourings and Sweeteners for?

Our range of flavourings and sweeteners are super-versatile and convenient, so get creative with your porridge, desserts, coffees, baking, and pancakes.

Switch up your shakes — They’re great for adding a boost of flavour to your favourite protein smoothies and shakes. If you’re someone who gets bored of the same flavour very easily, then listen up.

Our FlavDrops let you flavour your shakes without taking on extra calories. If you’ve bought your favourite protein in unflavoured, we’ve got over 15 different flavours for you to personalise your shakes.

It’s not just great for Unflavoured protein. You can still mix things up with a few creative combinations. Why not add a few drops of white chocolate to your strawberry protein? They’re a real game changer.

Sweeten your coffee break — Tired of the high-sugar and big price of those high-street coffees. Well, we’ve got a solution. You can liven up your own coffees with just a few drops of zero calorie, zero sugar flavour.

Our FlavDrops are super-convenient, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Whether you’re at home, the office, or on the move, you can always have your favourite flavour at your fingertips.

Our Flavourings and Sweeteners

FlavDrops - our zero-calorie flavouring that’ll transform your foods and shakes. There’s zero fat and sugar too, so you won’t ruin all your hard work in the gym.

Organic Syrup - this deliciously sweet, all-natural syrup is the perfect alternative to sugar and honey. Plus, with a choice of Agave or Maple Syrup flavours, it’s the perfect way to sweeten your morning routine.

Sugar-Free Syrup - the quick and easy way to keep your diet interesting. With no carbs, zero fat, zero calorie, and zero sugar per delicious serving — ideal for sweetening your favourite foods without sacrificing calories.


What is the safest artificial sweetener to use?

There is no evidence to show that any artificial sweeteners are dangerous, however we stock products that also use natural sweeteners if this is a concern to you.

What is the purpose of sweeteners?

Sweeteners are a virtually calorie free alternative to sugar, used to help flavour products.

How are sweeteners made?

Sweeteners can be produced both synthetically or are naturally occurring, like stevia.

How do sweeteners work?

Your taste buds, located on your tongue, contain several taste receptors that detect different flavours. When you eat, your taste receptors encounter food molecules. Artificial sweetener molecules are similar enough to sugar molecules to fit on the sweetness receptor. Your brain identifies the sweetness and because sweeteners are much "sweeter" than regular sugar, we require a lot less of them for similar effects.

Do artificial sweeteners cause belly fat?

Artificial sweeteners have no calories so would not contribute to your calorie intake and therefore gains in body fat. Many diet products contain sweeteners in place of more calorie dense nutrients like sugar.

Are sweeteners worse than sugar?

It depends on the context in which either is used, however there is no evidence to support that sweeteners cause any kind of detrimental health effects.

Why are artificial sweeteners bad for you?

There is no evidence to show that any artificial sweeteners are dangerous, however we stock products that also use natural sweeteners if this is a concern to you.